Pokemon Heliodor

Full Name: Pokemon Heliodor GBA Rom
Rom Creator: Citrus Bolt
Platform: Gameboy Advance (GBA)
Hack Of: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Status: V001 (Completed)
Source: Github 

This is a modified version of Pokemon Emerald aimed at interpreting the "decisive" 3rd generation Hoenn concept while tightly fitting to the official game ecology.

The highest design priorities are 100% compatibility in terms of:

No changes made should interfere with any link capability with Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon LeafGreen, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, Pokémon Colosseum, or Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Inter-generational Transfer
Every Pokémon obtained should completely be legal (indistinguishable from a Pokémon obtained in an official game, using PKHeX's legality checker as the reference as opposed to Game Freak's) once transferred to a Generation 4 game, with one outlier.
The exception to this will technically be illegal until it enters a Generation 7 game, but there should be no issues transferring it through Poké Transporter to Pokémon Bank.

Save Files
There should be no (significant) issues importing your save file from Pokémon Emerald to Pokémon Heliodor and vice versa.
This allows Pokémon Heliodor to, in effect, be treated similar to an expansion pack in which if a player has already completed Pokémon Emerald, this can be used to "unlock" extra content/features for that playthrough.

"Check On Github"

Known Issues
  • If the game is saved on a map that has contains a new NPC and transferred to Pokémon Emerald, the game will freeze if the now-invisible NPC is spoken to.
  • This should not be a big deal, since leaving the map removes the issue, so it seems unlikely major progress can be lost this way.
  • If an e-Card berry is obtained, the description text will be offset by a variable amount when viewed in Pokémon Emerald. The berry’s actual functionality should be unaffected.

It's In English Language and it is Completed Gba Rom Hack.




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