Pokemon Conversion

Full Name: Pokemon Conversion GBA Rom
Rom Creator: Ravendeth and his wife
Platform: Gameboy Advance (GBA)
Hack Of: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Status: Beta v176, Still only up to Lilycove
Source: Reddit 


This hack was created over the course of one month by Ravendeth and Taelle, to prepare for a friend who was going to go through head surgery and would have nothing to do sitting around. Emerald version was chosen for its replayability features.


Make EVERY POKEMON balanced and OU viable : either through base stat changes or Type changes.

Make strong pokemon more readily available : by boosting weaker moves and making important items more accessible.

Quality of Life changes : making annoying texts shorter, TMs reusable, clearer and concise descriptions.

All 386 Pokemon catchable (75% done) : the goal is to have 6 pokemon catchable in each area, to increase variety and teambuilding choices.

Type Sanity : Redundant types diversified. No more rat/bird/fishpocalypsemon. Many humanoid pokemon have been changed into Fairy types rather than the animal-based Normal type. Less psuedodragons and more Dragon types.

  • Day/Night System
  • Type Rebalancing
  • Improved Breeding
  • System Time
  • Shiny Pokemon rate Increased
  • Catch Rates Increased
  • Surf encounter rates reduced. Fishing now finds non-magikarp and 1 new pokemon for each rod tier.
  • HM sanity
  • Many pokemon have improved learnsets with important moves such as Will-o-Wisp, Dragon Dance, Heal Bell, and Baton Pass.
  • Use Running shoes indoors.

It's in English Language and It is in Beta.





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